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Check if your website is vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks.
Crashtest Security Suite is an automated XSS scanner designed to help you stay on top of your web app security.

Run tests while focusing on what’s important – developing great applications.

Detect if you’re vulnerable to:

  • Stored XSS Attacks
  • Reflected XSS Attacks
  • DOM Based XSS Attacks

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What is an XSS Vulnerability Scanner?

In the past, developers were responsible for testing websites manually for threats and vulnerabilities. However, lately, thanks to the boom in the online business industry, solutions such as vulnerability scanners or automated vulnerability tools have been created. These DAST tools aim is to save developers time, and companies budget keeping securing their web applications.

Crashtest Security XSS Scanner lets you:

  • Perform a fast and safe security assessment
  • Download and share comprehensive reports in PDF, XML, and CSV
  • Reduce the risk of being hacked and protect your users from Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks
  • Allows you to focus on the work that cannot be automated

How to test Cross-site Scripting

Set up and start scanning in minutes.

  • Fastest setup on the market Automate your XSS scans and integrate them with ease in your development process and toolchain.
  • Worried about setup issues?  Our excellent support team of security consultants is one click away from helping you set up, verify and make sense of your XSS testing.
  • Test for different vulnerabilities with various risk levels Understand exactly the risks you could be exposed to, thanks to our XSS vulnerability detection.

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Get XSS Testing Reports

Directly detect Cross-Site Scripting attack vectors in all web applications

  • Summary of all XSS vulnerabilities found We only need the project domain to scan Angular, React, Vue, and other JS-based applications.
  • An explanation for the different types of XSS attacks How to solve them, and recommendations to prevent the attacks.
  • Access to our exclusive wiki We constantly update it with added-value information for users and developers.

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