Vulnerability scanning made easy


  • Reduce the risk of being hacked through a web application or API by establishing a continuous testing process
  • Integrate with your current dev stack
  • Set up and start scanning your web applications, JavaScript or API in minutes

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Eliminate Your Security Blind Spots

Scan all of your web applications – JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5, Multi-Page and Single-Page Applications, and APIs.

Focus On Great Output

Automated vulnerability scanning allows you to save time and focus on your work, delivering you information on your web application or API security risks that need fixing before pushing to Production.

Enhanced Scanning Confidence

Implement a vulnerability scanner in your build that you can trust – very low false positives and negatives. Get accurate reports with remediation advice.

Fast Security Assessment

Add immediate value to your team’s work with web app scans benchmarking against OWASP Top 10 and improving your security hygiene.

Reduce The Risk Of Being Hacked

Spot security risk before hackers do. Prevent modern attacks and possible exploited security issues.


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Actionable Vulnerability Reports

Download useful scan reports in PDF, XML, and CSV and easily share them with team members, executives, and clients.

Scan And Discover Vulnerabilities Today

Developing and deploying safer web applications, javascript, and APIs

Get ready to secure releases before deployment

Save developers time and reduce your security testing budget


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Crashtest Security: Explained

Crashtest Security Integrations into the DevOps pipeline

We integrate into your environment

  • Build Pipeline
  • Reporting
  • Ticketing
  • Chat

Our software seamlessly fits your development toolchain, allowing you to integrate vulnerability scanning directly into your CI/CD pipeline.

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Speed up your processes

"Crashtest Security made it possible to have faster implementation cycles"

Director for IT Infrastructure and Operations, Flixbus

Easy Setup

“I remember setting up my first project in two minutes and starting the scan within two minutes”

Penetration Test Team Lead, TÜV SÜD


"For us the automation of the scan start and the automated retrieval of scan results via the API were particularly important"

CTO, Ottonova

Integrated Vulnerability Scanners

Get access to 15+ scanners and check the security posture of your web app or API. Run full scans engaging all scanners or personalize your testing experience and focus on your use case or what you think is important at the moment.