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We enable agile developers to create continuously secure software
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“Having regular vulnerability scans leaves us with one less thing to worry about and allows us to focus more on our product and its users.”

Florian Schmidt

- Florian Schmidt

Head of Software Development at BreakOut e.V.

“I think the tool suite of Crash Test Security is well suited to increase the efficiency of software development and can add to a significantly safer way of coding!”

Andy Schweiger

- Andy Schweiger

Senior Manager EMEAR Central 2.0 - SDE at Cisco

“Crashtest Security helped us to identify some potential risks, which we wouldn’t have found other wise.”

Robert Reiz

- Robert Reiz

CEO at Version Eye

“It takes us 3min to setup a new project. After that, we are worry-free and can fully focus on developing features and making our clients happy.”

Emanuel Steger

- Emanuel Steger

CEO at VisibleBytes
Crashtest Security Suite

The Crashtest Security Suite

  • Real time vulnerability detection
  • Embedded in the agile software development cycle
  • Developer focused knowledge base
  • Data protection according to German laws
  • SecDevOps from the beginning of the development process
  • 14 days free trial, risk free and no strings attached
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Knowledge Base

The Crashtest Knowledge Base

  • Especially made for developers
  • On point solution suggestions for vulnerabilities
  • Covering solutions for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Publically available
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Crashtest Team

The Crashtest Team

Our highest priority is the protection of your confidential customer and business data. We support you in the development of continuously secure web applications.

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