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IT Security Professional

You daily work mainly includes security testing, writing PDF reports and doing a lot of manual tasks? Find out how automation can help you become more efficient and reliable in your security assesments.



You run your own software business and are looking for are reliable solution to contiously monitor you IT security that is also GDPR conform? We are the right partner for your, click here to find out more


Software Developer

You are an agile developer with the main task of creating feature after feature, but you also have to write manual security test for every feature? Discover how we can help you automate security testing for you.

Crashtest Security Suite

Crashtest Security Suite

The Crashtest Security Suite is differentiating itself as a fully automated vulnerability scanner enhanced with artificial intelligence developed for the needs of the agile developer or DevSecOps. Clear vulnerability insights are provided as well as contextual actionable insights for risk mitigation.

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Seamless integration into agile development tools ensures that you can work more efficiently. The Crashtest Security Suite integrates into the CI/CD process and can scan your progress after every deployment to your test system. By continuously testing your project you can reduce the risk of a larger, more costly penetration test.



Our knowledge base provides you with on point insights for the efficient remediation of detected vulnerabilities. With everything you need to know in one place, we make your work day as efficient as possible. In case there is still something missing, just contact us and we will get back to you shortly. Find out more about the latest trends and news about web application security testing on our blog!

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