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Vulnerability testing made easy.

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Automated pentesting

Our software automates pentesting for your web apps and APIs. Test automation frees up valuable developer resources and our customers save up to eight hours per developer per month through the automation. Discover your savings potential.


The most simple integration

Our software integrates seamlessly into your DevSecOps pipeline ensuring that you can work as efficient like never before. Testing your web applications and APIs during the development allows you to detect vulnerabilities at the earliest possible stage reducing your remediation costs by a factor of 10.

Digital reputation management

Protecting your digital reputation with state of the art testing processes allows your company not only to avoid GDPR fines but to stay competitive. With the Crashtest Security Suite you can ensure a reliable and consistent quality level of your digital assets.

Knowledge is key

Our knowledge base provides your team with actionable insights, security resources, and tutorials to efficiently remediate detected vulnerabilities. Discover our wiki now.


Success Stories

Flixbus Success Story Teaser

Secure your software like Flixbus

Crashtest Security enables Flixbus to test every release - fully integrated in their CI/CD toolchain. Rather then deploying code with an uncertain security state, Flixbus now gets alerts for detected vulnerabilities before going live. You can do this too!

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Learn from TÜV SÜD - Use DevSecOps

In cooperation with TÜV SÜD, we are helping our customers on their DevSecOps journey. Only through this approach can web applications be secured in the long run.
Continuous testing - continuous security!

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TÜV SÜD Success Story Teaser
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