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Vulnerability detection made easy

Automate security testing with the most user-friendly scanning tool on the market
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Drastically reduce the risk of being hacked

Using our state of the art vulnerability scanner to test for the most common vulnerabilities out there (SQL-Injections, XSS and many more) allows you to protect every version of your application before it is released.


Save 8h per software developer per month

Using our software allows your developers to quickly and efficiently remediate the detected vulnerabilities, freeing up to one full workday per developer per month. Just imagine how much more software they can develop during this time.


Reduce remediation costs by a factor of 10

Detecting vulnerabilities during the development phase reduces your remediation costs by a factor of 10. So try our award winning SaaS tool, which is one of the most user-friendly tools on the market. It can be integrated into your development environment in less than 30 minutes.

Crashtest Security Suite

Crashtest Security Suite

We offer digital companies continuous protection against cybercrime by automated vulnerability assessments. The Crashtest Security Suite is differentiating itself as a fully automated vulnerability scanner enhanced with artificial intelligence developed for the needs of the agile developer. Clear vulnerability insights are provided as well as contextual actionable insights for risk mitigation.

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The seamless integration into agile development tools ensures that you can work more efficiently. The Crashtest Security Suite integrates into the CI/CD process and can scan your new features after every deployment to your test system. By continuously testing your web application you can drastically reduce the risk of being hacked.



Our knowledge base provides you with actionable insights for the efficient remediation of detected vulnerabilities. With everything you need to know in one place, we make your work day as efficient as possible. Find out more about the latest trends and news in web application security testing on our blog!

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If you are a small or medium size company you can apply for the Digitalbonus Bayern, which supports SMEs in the process of secure digitization. All our services are eligible for funding, so you can get back up to 50% of the arising costs. For more information contact us or go to Digitalbonus Bayern.

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