URL Fuzzer: Website Directory Scanner

Use URL fuzzer to find files, routes, and directories in web apps that are hidden, sensitive, or vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Prevent sensitive data exposure and the loss of passwords, cryptographic keys, tokens, and other information that can compromise your whole system.

  • Automated online SaaS URL fuzzer scanner
  • File Inclusion
  • Directory Fuzzer
  • File Fuzzer
  • Directory Traversal

URL fuzzer scanner features

Crashtest Security helps you with security reports and checklists to solve every weakness while significantly decreasing the time and budget on manual pentesting.

URL Fuzzer is one of the solutions we offer. As a black box software testing provider, our technique helps you discover the complete OWASP Top 10 vulnerability list, like SQL injections, CSRF, XXE, and many more.


Create a scan target



Configure Credentials (System and application)


CI Integration

Create a webhook and start a scan via the CI Integration


Set notification

Integrate chat notification (for example, Slack or Mattermost)


Download report

Receive extensive reports with remediation advice



Discover hidden files and directories

  • Detect Sensitive Data Exposure. Before hackers do, locate important information in your web asset, like secret files and directories.
  • Extend the overview of vulnerabilities. Use this tool to detect hidden pathways in your web apps containing vulnerabilities.
  • Check for misconfigurations. Check if the uncovered files and directories have the correct permissions and contain sensitive data.
  • Most modern development stacks are compatible with Crashtest Security, so testing teams don’t have to worry about the underlying programming language or application logic to find the vulnerabilities.


Ample report for your URL fuzzing

We provide you with a report where to find risks, their impact, and mitigation advice for each vulnerability to help you regularly assess your security exposure.

Detected vulnerabilities

  • Identified files and directories
  • The HTTP response code for each file
  • And much more


Set a schedule for regular web app scanning, and we will provide you with the test results, either via email or your preferred chat tool.

Various report formats

Set a schedule for regular web app scanning, and we will provide you with the test results, either via email or your preferred chat tool.

Continuous Security

More reasons for continuous URL Fuzzer testing

Automated Pentesting

Perform regular black box pentests on your web assets and spend less on infrequent manual penetration tests.

Cybersecurity Risk Reduction

Benchmark your next release against OWASP Top 10 and other known vulnerabilities.

Schedule Scans

Match vulnerability scanning to your agile dev cycle.

Ensure Compliance

Scan every new release before deployment and ensure compliance with regulations and standards (HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, and many more).

Faster Vulnerability Detection

Detect and mitigate vulnerabilities quicker by scanning your web assets regularly.

Integrated Dev Pipeline

Integrate vulnerability scanning into your dev process and environment and shift security left.