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Crashtest Security on the 34C3

As managing directors of an IT security company, we had to be present at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress to grasp new developments in the security sphere (and have some fun).

For the last years, we (and the whole congress) were in Hamburg. This year, for the first time, the congress took place in Leipzig. And instead of a congress center, it was at the whole trade fair area. This created some new logistic challenges (check out the new hall A) but did not affect the congress’s quality negatively.

34C3 das ist er – der Saal A 🙂

— @da_waschtl

Everything was bigger. More people could fit in the halls, and the queues for some talks were even longer than in the years before. And the new fairground leads to much longer ways between the different halls. There were even designated parking areas for those smart people who brought some wheels for scooters and bikes.

no walking congress
No more walking on such a big congress

It is great to see how the number of participants nearly doubled since we first attended the congress. As part of the great volunteer crew — the so-called Angels — we tried to contribute to make the congress a success. Especially on a congress, fully based on voluntary work from thousands of participants, it is amazing to see how smooth and organized everything went down. From stage management to access control, medical staff to network operators, there is a task for everyone willing to contribute. Kudos to everyone who helped to create such an amazing congress. Due to our voluntary work during the congress, we could not visit all the talks that sounded interesting. Fortunately, everything is recorded and also translated into multiple languages. We can highly recommend the following talks to have a look at (You can switch the language to English in the video player):

reading in congress
Marc-Uwe Kling reading from his new novel QualityLand.Right now, we are already looking forward to an amazing #35c3 at the end of this year.

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