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Check now for free if your web application is vulnerable to SQL Injection. Our online tool allows you to detect different critical vulnerabilities and find SQLi ranked at the FIRST Owasp Top ten Web Application Security Risks.

  • Scan Classic SQL Injection (In-band SQLi)
  • Scan Blind SQL Injections (Inferential SQL injection)
  • Scan Out-of-band SQL Injections

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What is an SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner?

We believe that nowadays, it’s essential that every online business have an Automated Vulnerability Scanner, and that’s why we developed one. Solutions such as our SQL Injection scanner have been created to keep your web application secure while saving developers time and companies budget:

We offer you cyber security made easy approach

  • Developers get to save around 100 hours per year due to reduced test setup and remediation help right in the scan report
  • Save on average 40% on your petesting budget and enable constant security posture transparency while decreasing your exposure

It’s important that you own and you have the permissions to set the SQL scanner. The SQLi tool can generate different HTTP Requests that can be considered as attacks (even if they are completely inoffensive) so consider that you need the authorization to run this scanner.

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Why should I start an SQL injection vulnerability test?

SQL Injection is considered a critical vulnerability that can cause serious consequences for online businesses. The hackers can inject a SQL sequence that allows them:

  • Extract, change, and remove information from the database.
  • Read and write files from the disk (only in specific cases).
  • Compromise your entire network.

When you test SQL injection, you are closer to preventing these dangerous attacks that permit hackers to acquire customers’ data such as passwords, credit cards, email information, etc.

Businesses with the Crashtest Security Certificate demonstrate to their customers that they are proactively protecting them and their data with regular state-of-the-art security scanning.

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How do I run an SQL injection test website?

Set up and start scanning in less than 2 minutes.

  • Check the fastest setup on the market You are just one click away to discover your SQLi vulnerability. We scan your web application in less than 2 minutes and provide a report with all vulnerabilities found.
  • Excellent support team of security We verify your SQL injection test to be sure you are setting up correctly our vulnerability tool.
  • Not just SQL injection vulnerability – Test all Top Ten OWASP vulnerabilities You’ll get exactly the types of attacks you are exposed to and the risk levels they have.


  • Download reports in PDF, XML, and CSV and easily share them with team members, executives, and clients.
  • Reduce the risk of being hacked and protect your users from SQL injection
  • Crashtest Security’s vulnerability scanner can also scan third-party components in your web application and thoroughly assesses their security level.
  • We run automated DAST scanning HTML-based web apps and JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5, Multi-Page and Single-Page Applications, and APIs.
  • Easily Integratable Vulnerability Scanner

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