Vulnerability Scanning for DevSecOps

Crashtest Security Suite helps your team embed security testing throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).

  • Embed security in the developing process
  • Choose the integration you need for your dev process
  • Count on low false-positives
  • Enjoy the fastest setup on the market


Automated scanning

Developers should frequently test throughout the development process – and ideally, these tests should be completely automated.

  • Get more time to focus on the tricky cases that require more attention and manual effort.
  • Automate where possible – Focus only on tests where manual work is needed.
  • Simplified and standardized reporting – Our machine-readable exports give you easily comprehensible vulnerability reports.
  • GDPR compliance – Ensure state-of-the-art PII-related vulnerability testing for every release.


Integrated Security

Crashtest Security seamlessly fits your development toolchain, allowing you to integrate vulnerability scanning directly into your CI/CD pipeline.


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Vulnerability reports with low false positives

Scan Target Status

All security vulnerabilities, their threat level, frequency, and remediation advice can be seen at a glance, making it easier to prioritize. The dashboard also helps you prioritize mandatory manual handling with these insights.

Lowest False Positives

False positives are always a concern. Therefore, we ensure our tool uses various techniques to reduce false positives. And we continuously update and optimize it.

Success Stories

Vulnerability scanner with most advanced crawling options

Chat Integration

I’m setting up some new workflows for Acrolinx in Slack and actively driving these. It’s essential to protect the data that travels through this chat flow. Therefore, the Crashtest Security Suite is a top choice with its simple integration into a team collaboration tool.

Georges El Haddad, Team Lead Engineering at Acrolinx

Continuous Security for FlixBus

Crashtest Security made it possible to have faster implementation cycles.

Tobias Hadem, Director for IT Infrastructure and Operations of Flixbus

Continuous Security


Continuous security for modern web apps and dev teams

Nowadays, around 65% of software projects use agile development. Read how to implement Continuous Security into your agile development.