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Crashtest Security Success Stories

Professional Cooperation

How TÜV SÜD and Crashtest Security help you with DevSecOps

The only way to be secured in the long run is to implement the DevSecOps approach!
Hassan Moradi, Penetration Test Team Leader

In this video, Hassan Moradi (Penetration Test Team Leader at TÜV SÜD) gives us insights into:

  • The cooperation with Crashtest Security
  • How automated pentesting enhances the security of a web application
  • The easy integration and professional scans the Crashtest Security Suite provides
I remember setting up my first project and starting the scan within two minutes.

Fast integration and simple usability

The main advantages of the Crashtest Security Suite are the fast onboarding and easy integration of the application. Within a few minutes, Hassan was able to set up a scan and see his first results. The user interface is clearly structured and everything is where you would expect it.
Security testing made easy.

Vulnerabilities were found within a fraction of the time a manual pentester would have needed.

High scan quality and precise reporting

The scanner does not only offer highest quality, but was also able to find the most complicated vulnerabilities within a fraction of the time a manual penetration tester would need. The precise reporting made the remediation fast and simple.
Security testing on the highest level.

The only way to achieve long-term security is to use DevSecOps practices.

DevSecOps practices are critical for long-term security

Without DevSecOps practices, companies are unable to continuously guarantee the security of their web application. TÜV SÜD collaborates with Crashtest Security to give customers innovative tools as well as specialized experts in the field of DevSecOps.
Security testing around the clock.

Learn from TÜV SÜD. Pentest continuously.

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