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Scan javascript for vulnerabilities. Whether you are developing Microservices, Single Page Applications, or Multipage applications featuring JavaScript elements, Crashtest Security can scan your web app. Test the OWASP TOP 10 Listed Risks and many more now.

Run tests while focusing on what’s important – developing great applications while protecting your data.

  • Automated tool for vulnerabilities testing. Embed it into your dev process
  • Set it up in minutes and schedule future scans.
  • Use your favorite chat tool to get notified.

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What is exactly a Javascript Vulnerability Tool?

JavaScript is the interpreted programming language most used globally by over 95% of web pages.
What does this mean? – Hackers won’t think twice.
We created this Automated Javascript Scanner, the new software that scans every point of your code while you and your developers save time and are continuously protected.

  • Scan for common vulnerabilities on Javascript (XSS, CSRF, Server-Side JavaScript Injection, or Client-Side Logic Attacks)
  • Get support from technicals professionals. Any doubt you could have, we are just one click away!
  • Continuous and Automated testing Never keep your code unprotected
Crashtest Security Scanner shows the risk level for each Javascript vulnerability, so you can prioritize the fixes.

Security Assessment Disable deprecated SSL Protocol Versions

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Get JavaScript Scanner Reports

Set up in 2 minutes.

  • Get Javascript reports in PDF, XML, and CSV and easily share them with team members, executives, and clients.
  • Scan, detect and thus, prevent. We strive to make our tool as easy as possible to use and with just relevant information.
  • Exclusive Wiki only for our customers. This helps you understand what your vulnerability is and how exactly to fix it.

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Thanks to our Scanner you will detect:

Source Code Vulnerabilities

Unintended Script Execution

Exclusive Reliance on Client-Side Validation

Exposure of Session Data

Unintentional User Activity

  • When you run a JavaScript Scanning tool, you are closer to preventing these dangerous attacks that permit hackers to acquire customers’ data such as passwords, credit cards, email information, etc.
Businesses with the Crashtest Security Certificate demonstrate to their customers that they are proactively protecting them and their data with regular state-of-the-art security scanning.

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