JavaScript Vulnerability Scanner

Use the JavaScript security scanner to find vulnerabilities — test for the OWASP Top 10 listed risks and many more.

  • Automated online SaaS tool for JavaScript vulnerabilities testing
  • Identify XSS, CSRF, JavaScript Injections, and more
  • Set it up in minutes and schedule future JavaScript security scans using your favorite tools
  • Embed it into your dev process easily


JavaScript security scanner features

Crashtest Security Suite JavaScript vulnerability scanner is designed to scan Single-Page Applications (SPA). It automatically checks for all significant JavaScript vulnerabilities so that you can focus your pentest efforts on the Whitebox approach.


Create and verify your JavaScript scan target.



Configure the credentials for the system and the application.


CI Integration

Create a webhook and start a scan via the CI Integration.


Set JavaScript security notifications

Integrate a chat notification system (Slack, Mattermost, Hangouts, and many more.)


Download the JavaScript security report

Get reports with remediation guidance, risk assessments, and solutions for every JavaScript vulnerability discovered.



JavaScript vulnerability scanner benefits

  • Classified Downloadable Reports in PDF, JSON/XML, and CSV
  • CI/CD Integration to run JS security scans before every release
  • Third-Party Component Scans to identify JavaScript security posture


Extensive JavaScript vulnerability reports online

JS Vulnerability Findings Overview

Get vulnerability reports on XSS, CSRF, JavaScript Injection, and more with the findings, their classification, and respective remediation advice.

Remediation Advice

Find suggestions on fixing these JavaScript vulnerabilities and access our dedicated wiki.

Continuous JavaScript Security

More reasons for continuous JavaScript testing

Automated JavaScript Pentesting

Perform regular black box pentests on your web assets and spend less on infrequent manual penetration tests.

Cybersecurity Risk Reduction

Benchmark your next release against OWASP Top 10 and other known JavaScript vulnerabilities.

Schedule JS Security Scans

Match vulnerability scanning to your agile dev cycle.

Ensure Compliance

Scan every new release before deployment and ensure compliance with regulations and standards (HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, and many more).

Faster Vulnerability Detection

Detect and mitigate JS vulnerabilities quicker by scanning your web assets regularly.

Integrated Dev Pipeline

Integrate JavaScript security scanning into your dev process and environment and shift security left.

JavaScript Vulnerabilities Prevention Guide

Prevention Guide

JavaScript Vulnerability Prevention Guide

Learn how to detect and prevent JavaScript Vulnerabilities and secure your web assets.


JavaScript Vulnerabilities

What are JavaScript vulnerabilities?

They are called when a vulnerability is detected within a Javascript Programming language. As you can imagine, these vulnerabilities are widely exploited by attackers and malicious users to manipulate data or gain control of web systems. This is mainly because many web apps are programming with JavaScript, which lets hackers quickly learn methods and techniques to use on different sites. The attackers just need to find a JS vulnerability to replicate the same process in other websites or web apps.

Best practices to ensure JavaScript security

Avoid Evaluating User Input, enable TLS/SSL Encryption, secure API access, setting Secure Cookies, or defining Content Security Policies, among others. In addition, you can discover different ways to ensure your code. That’s why our Javascript Vulnerability Scanner provides a specific function where you don’t just find the vulnerability, but also precisely the different steps you could follow to fix it and, most importantly, prevent it for the next time. Read more about JavaScript vulnerabilities and their prevention.

Which are the most common JavaScript vulnerabilities?

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF or XSRF), Server-Side JavaScript Injection, Client-Side Logic Attacks.

Why is the Crashtest Security Online JavaScript Vulnerability Analyzer for free?

Our mission is to provide excellent software, useful for the newest internet challenges and be budget-friendly at the same time. We think the best way to learn is by listening to our customers. Try our tool. We are all ears. How can we help you?