Janosch Maier

DevSecOps Enthusiast

Janosch Maier was only 15 when he created his own tool to record passwords. Ever since then, he questioned publicly available software and began looking for security flaws wherever he could. While living in Uganda, he met Hackers for Charity where he tasted blood on how to hack for the good cause. Since then, Janosch has been on a crusade to enable developers and security experts to cope with the challenges of agile security principles. Especially in modern, agile environments, it is not sufficient anymore to conduct manual, infrequent security tests. As an engaging speaker and Co-Founder of Crashtest Security, his mission is to educate DevOps teams on how to integrate security in their development processes.

Janosch has a master degree in computer science from TUM (Technische Universtität München), a highly recognised university in its research. In his studies he put his focus on IT-security in the fields of networks, android and web applications. His degree in educational sciences from LMU (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München) helps him to illustrate IT security in a way that is fun listening to and rich of content at the same time. Janosch worked with the Dutch Ministry of Justice to develop a cyber security dashboard. Following his studies he designed his own vulnerability scanner for web applications which led to his foundation of Crashtest Security in 2017. The scanners are still the basis of the current Crashtest Security Suite.


You ever wanted to know how to secure your web application from hacking attacks? A workshop with up to 20 people is the perfect setting to train your hacker skills in order to prevent becoming a hacking victim yourself.

Introductory workshops will help you and your development team to create more secure software.

Going DevOps? Then learn how to create a secure build pipeline that gives you transparency on the security state of your software.


Cyber Security is just a buzzword and nothing to inspire large audiences? No! These days everybody has many touchpoints with modern, connected IT systems and their security concerns everyone, not only experts. As a security specialist, Janosch tells stories about how you can screw your security easily and which mistakes you should avoid to prevent vulnerabilities that will be abused.

The question is not: “Am I hacked?”

The question is: “When am I hacked and do I notice it?”


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