HIPAA Vulnerability Scanner

Scan all your vulnerabilities listed in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance standards.

  • Designed to help you protect your data, clients, and business
  • Protect the health information of your patients in a seamless way using API penetration testing tool
  • Quickly establish a security benchmark and continuous process
  • Get automated reports with vulnerabilities risks levels, and mitigation solutions to help you prioritize
  • Automated online SaaS HIPAA vulnerability scanner


HIPPA vulnerability scanner features

Get closer to HIPAA compliance in just five simple steps.


Create and verify your scan target.



Configure the credentials for the system and the application.


CI Integration

Create a webhook and start a scan via the CI Integration.


Set notifications

Integrate a chat notification system (Slack, Mattermost, Hangouts, and many more.)


Download the report

Get reports with remediation guidance, risk assessments, and solutions for every vulnerability discovered.



HIPAA vulnerability scanner benefits

  • Probe your web app and API for vulnerabilities allowing unauthorised access to patient data.
  • Schedule tests before every new release and integrate in your dev toolchain.
  • Ensure a good security posture with scheduled regular scanning.


Extensive vulnerability reports

See what the Crashtest Security Vulnerability Scan Report looks like. This is the one you can download and share with your team once your scan is completed.

Categorized vulnerability severity with remediation

Easy to use checklist

All OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities check

Continuous Security

More reasons for continuous HIPAA testing

Automated Pentesting

Perform regular black box pentests on your web assets and spend less on infrequent manual penetration tests.

Cybersecurity Risk Reduction

Benchmark your next release against OWASP Top 10 and other known vulnerabilities.

Schedule Scans

Match vulnerability scanning to your agile dev cycle.

Ensure Compliance

Scan every new release before deployment and ensure compliance with regulations and standards (HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, and many more).

Faster Vulnerability Detection

Detect and mitigate vulnerabilities quicker by scanning your web assets regularly.

Integrated Dev Pipeline

Integrate vulnerability scanning into your dev process and environment and shift security left.

Prevent HIPAA Vulnerabilities - Ultimate Guide


HIPAA Vulnerability Prevention Guide

Learn how to detect and prevent HIPAA-related vulnerabilities.


HIPAA application security scanner

Is penetration testing required for HIPAA compliance?

Not necessary. You should conduct a complete risk analysis to secure the protection of the health data of your customers, which can be performed following different scenarios. HIPAA security can be reached while you control the risk and vulnerabilities. This means setting audit controls, authentication controls, access controls, or transmission security controls, among others.

Suppose you perform HIPAA testing using our automated penetration test scanner. In that case, it guarantees the protection of weaknesses within your information and development systems, and we firmly believe this is an excellent way to achieve these goals while saving time and money, as it is a friendly budget software with very low false-positive cases.

Does vulnerability scanning help other regulatory or certificate compliance?

Yes, continuous security is a prerequisite in the following:

  • ISO2700 compliance
  • GDPR compliance
  • BaFin

Read more on compliance and the Crashtest Security Suite scanner on our compliance page.

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