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Scan all your vulnerabilities to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance standards – Designed to help you protect your data, clients, and business.

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  • Quickly establish a security benchmark and continuous process
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The HIPAA automated penetration testing allows you to perform vulnerability scans that adhere to the HIPAA Security Rule. Take advantage of the HIPAA security software when you:

  • Are a Healthcare Provider, Health Insurer, or a Healthcare Organization.
  • Have a web application or website where you store patients’ personal and health data or healthcare records.
  • You don’t know much about cyberattacks, but you want to protect your web assets and customers.
  • Manual penetration testing seems too expensive and time-consuming.

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Audit Report Vulnerabilities

  • Crashtest Security Suite is a technical safeguard (Technical Safeguards §164.312). Therefore, it meets specific requirements in the Title II Security Rule.
  • We help organizations perform automated vulnerability scans that adhere to the HIPAA Security Rule and remediate the vulnerabilities using the Crashtest Security guidelines.
  • We present you a quick and easy way to analyze your weaknesses and risks in your web applications and APIs for the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, among others. These include SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), and many more. With the automated and fast tool, vulnerability scans can be performed and fixed continuously and already during development. This allows organizations to safely store electronically protected health information (ePHI) and secure their customers’ or patients’ data.

See how the Crashtest Security Vulnerability Scan Report looks like. This is the one you can download and share with your team once your scan is completed. 


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  • Crashtest Security’s vulnerability scanner can also scan third-party components in your web application and assesses their security level.
  • Automated DAST Scanning on HTML-based web apps and JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5, Multi-Page, and Single-Page Applications, Microservices, and APIs.
  • CI/CD Pipeline: Integrate your DevOps process with Circle CI, Jenkins, Team City, Bamboo, Travis CI, Buildbot, GoCD, Codeship, Buildkite, or Buddy.
  • Ticketing Systems  Manage your remediation in the same place as all your other tickets via Jira, Asana, or DefectRojo.

Crashtest Security Integrations into the DevOps pipeline


Crashtest Security’s reports show you the risk level for each HIPAA security risk, so you can prioritize the fixes.

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How can we help you with HIPAA penetration testing?

  • Access to a tool with an established process of testing a variety of attack vectors and finding loopholes that need to be closed.
  • You’ll have access to an exclusive wiki where you will find all the possible types of attacks vectors, with explanations on how to fix them and, above all, how to prevent them.
  • We have an excellent support team, one of our strengths as a company. Our experts will help you to run the scanners correctly.

When you run HIPAA penetration testing, you are closer to preventing dangerous attacks that permit hackers to acquire patient data such as social security numbers, passwords, credit cards, emails, etc.

Businesses with the Crashtest Security Certificate demonstrate to their customers that they are proactively protecting them and their data with regular state-of-the-art security scanning.

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