Vulnerability Scanning for Modern DevOps

Turn DevOps into DevSecOps in just a few steps and check your web apps continuously and APIs for vulnerabilities before your next release hits Production.

  • Ensure good security posture with automated pentesting
  • Scan against OWASP Top 10 with a push of a button
  • Integrate seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline
  • Share vulnerability status reports easily with colleagues and management


Continuous testing

Developers are typically our fiercest advocates — a code-first mentality clashes with the manual and setup-intensive nature of pentesting. As a result, automatic pentesting or vulnerability scanning is more effective when integrating security into an agile development process.

  • Deploy new features quicker, without disruption, and with peace of mind.
  • Time savings – Each developer saves around 100 hours per year due to reduced setup for each test and instant remediation links from their Crashtest Security reports.
  • Reduced costs for fixing vulnerabilities – Instead of writing a security patch for code written six months ago, you now get notified about a vulnerability before the deployment: no more hot-fixing production environments.
  • Easy setup – We enable developers to test their applications for the most common vulnerabilities within 5 minutes.


Dev toolchain integration

Crashtest Security seamlessly fits your development toolchain, allowing you to integrate vulnerability scanning directly into your CI/CD pipeline.

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Get regular scan reports

Keep your finger on your security posture’s pulse and receive regular reports of all your scans.

Get reporting with remediation advice

Receive comprehensive reports in PDF, JSON, and CSV.

Different risk levels

For each vulnerability, we specify levels for the risk, impact, and probability per each vulnerability. Prioritize what is urgent.

Set DAST in the frequency and duration you need

Choose among CI/CD Automated Scans, scheduled scans, or with a push of a button.

Get notified in your favorite chat tool

You’ll have the report in your email box. Still, you can also integrate the reporting in your Slack, Mattermost, Hangouts, Rocket Chat, Microsoft Teams.

Success Stories

Vulnerability scanner with most advanced crawling options

Full Automation with CI/CD Integration

We were looking for a tool to fill our needs, such as the full automation of security detection processes. Crashtest Security meets those expectations thanks to the easy integration into our CI/CD Pipeline.

Stefan Kamphausen, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Acrolinx

Scheduled Scans

Having the possibility of scheduling scans and retrieving scan results automatically is a crucial feature for us.

Andreas Katzig, CTO at ottonova

Continuous Security


Continuous security for modern web apps and dev teams

Nowadays, around 65% of software projects use agile development. Read how to implement Continuous Security into your agile development.