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Get through regulatory and certification hurdles with an Automated Vulnerability Scanner and achieve compliance by checking the required cybersecurity boxes for:

  • GDPR
  • ISO 27001

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Reach GDPR Compliance

  • What Is GDPR? As the strictest data privacy and security law globally, the GDPR enforces obligations on organizations around the world when targeting and collecting data from people in the EU.
  • What Are The Consequences of Non-Compliance? Since the regulation came into effect on May 25, 2018, heavy fines, which can even reach into the tens of millions of dollars, have been imposed should data privacy and security standards be breached.
  • How To Prevent Non-Compliance? What needs to be done to unify depends on how the data is processed and what security measures are in place. For web applications and APIs, this means the following: deploy more secure code, perform frequent security audits, and regular security testing. Automated vulnerability assessment tools like the Crashtest Security Suite are perfect for security audits and testings.

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Why Crashtest Security’s Vulnerability Scanner Comes In Handy?

With Crashtest Security’s automated vulnerability scanner, scans can be performed during the development phase and CI/CD pipelines. Therefore, this tool offers data protection by design and default, and covers article 25 of the GDPR. Furthermore, with the opportunity to run continuous, automated security tests on web applications and APIs, article 32, ‘Security of Processing’ of the GDPR, is also covered. In addition, the results are presented in the form of scan reports, which can be provided to auditors as evidence to help address vulnerabilities and have an ongoing security dialogue within your organization. That’s how Article 39, ‘Tasks of the data protection office’ can be fulfilled.

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Achieve HIPAA Compliance

  • What Is HIPAA? HIPAA security standards apply to healthcare organizations that handle patient data. This standard is designed to ensure the protection and security of these patients’ health data.
  • How to comply with HIPAA? Using Vulnerability Scanner helps protect patient data by scanning web applications and APIs for HIPAA vulnerabilities. This helps ensure HIPAA compliance.

Why does Crashtest Security’s Vulnerability Scanner Help With HIPAA Compliance?

Crashtest Security Suite is a technical safeguard (Technical Safeguards §164.312). It meets specific requirements in the Title II Security Rule. It helps organizations perform automated vulnerability scans that adhere to the HIPAA Security Rule and remediate the vulnerabilities using the Crashtest Security guidelines. This allows organizations to secure their customers’ or patients’ data. With the Crashtest Security Suite, companies can test their web applications and APIs for the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, among others. These include SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), and many more. With the automated and fast tool, vulnerability scans can be performed and fixed continuously and already during development. This can ensure the security of the web application or API, allowing organizations to store electronically protected health information (ePHI) safely.

Comply with HIPAA

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  • What Is ISO27001? ISO27001 sets the standard for the information security management system (ISMS), focusing on people, processes, and technology risk management. It outlines how organizations can protect themselves against external and internal threats, such as human error. In addition, the ISMS includes confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This standard also supports compliance with the GDPR and Network and Information Systems (NIS) regulations.
  • How to comply with ISO 27001? First, organizations have to develop an ISMS to comply with ISO27001. In addition, according to Annex A 12.6.1, they are required to create a ‘robust system capable of preventing breaches.’ It sets the standard for businesses to take security best practices into account and follow a reference framework. The best-known reference is the OWASP Top 10.


With the automated vulnerability scanner, organizations can identify, manage, fix and control vulnerabilities in web applications and APIs. In other words, exposures can be assigned and retested, their risks accepted, and each vulnerability’s history reviewed. This can be done by scheduling a regular scan or integrating the scanner with CI/CD tools. Once vulnerabilities are found, risks can be minimized, and potential threats from attackers can be prevented. In addition, Crashtest’s scan reports include the possibility to download an OWASP Top 10 compliance report and also give companies an easy way to share security assessment results with their security auditors.

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