Test for command injection vulnerability

Scan your web app for command injection attack vector. Crashtest Security’s vulnerability scanner also allows you to detect other listed OWASP vulnerabilities.

  • Improve your security posture with automated vulnerability testing
  • Receive in-depth reports and remediation advice
  • Test for multiple command injection methods – insecure deserialization, XXE, file inclusion, and more
  • Automated online SaaS command injection scanner


Command injection scanner features

The scanner exposes by running an automated black-box pentest as a human pentester would do, thus delivering results faster and cheaper.


Create and verify your scan target.



Configure the credentials for the system and the application.


CI Integration

Create a webhook and start a scan via the CI Integration.


Set notifications

Integrate a chat notification system (Slack, Mattermost, Hangouts, and many more.)


Download the report

Get reports with remediation guidance, risk assessments, and solutions for every vulnerability discovered.



Command injection vulnerability test benefits

  • Reduce the risk of being hacked and protect your web assets from command injection and many other vulnerabilities.
  • Run automated pentests on web applications (Multi-Page & Single-Page), microservices, and APIs.
  • Download detailed reports (PDF, JSON/XML, and CSV) and easily share them.
  • Integrate directly into your existing dev build with 20+ integrations.


Ample command injection vulnerability reports

The Command Injection Scanner report shows you if you are susceptible to arbitrary system command execution, its severity, and the exact finding.

Scanner overview

Detailed overview of scanners run, vulnerabilities categorization, where they occurred, and much more.

Remediation tips

Receive remediation advice directly in the report.

Findings checklist

For easy management of the fixes and prioritization.

Continuous Security

More reasons for continuous command injection testing

Automated Pentesting

Perform regular black box pentests on your web assets and spend less on infrequent manual penetration tests.

Cybersecurity Risk Reduction

Benchmark your next release against OWASP Top 10 and other known vulnerabilities.

Schedule Scans

Match vulnerability scanning to your agile dev cycle.

Ensure Compliance

Scan every new release before deployment and ensure compliance with regulations and standards (HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, and many more).

Faster Vulnerability Detection

Detect and mitigate vulnerabilities quicker by scanning your web assets regularly.

Integrated Dev Pipeline

Integrate vulnerability scanning into your dev process and environment and shift security left.


Command injection scanner

What is command injection?

Command injection is a vulnerability caused if the web application executes data from an untrusted source without proper validation. With this vulnerability, an attacker can execute any available system command. This can lead to an entirely compromised system.

What causes command injection vulnerabilities?

When an application receives user input, it should always check whether it is expecting data or code. Otherwise, it could be vulnerable to attacks such as command injection.

What is the recommended mitigation for command injection?

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools like Crashtest Security help you identify command injection vulnerabilities (among others) before attackers do.