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Crashtest Security supports CISOs & CTOs in establishing a robust security baseline across all web assets.

  • Test all web-facing assets continuously and at scale
  • Achieve compliance with cybersecurity laws and industry standards
  • Share vulnerability status reports and remediation advice
  • Set security standards and proactively deal with new and emerging threats

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The Vulnerability Scanner that Helps CISOs & CTOs

Test All Your Applications at Scale

Scan all web-facing assets and test them in the development cycle before every release.

Shift Security Left

Automate your vulnerability testing while saving time and focusing on developing secure web apps and APIs. Embed security in the development process

Embed Security Standards

Turn  DevOps into DevSecOps. Save time and budget on black-box vulnerability testing and focus on white-box whenever needed.

Set Benchmarks in Minutes

Set up easy to follow in-house security compliance and implement it in your development process.

Regulatory Compliance

Fulfill regulatory requirements BaFin, KRITIS, HIPAA, GDPR, or certification ones ISO27001.


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Actionable Scan Reports

Receive regular scan reports with remediation advice in PDF, XML, and CSV, prioritize fixes and easily share them with developers and clients.

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So how does a big investment advice company like Netfonds AG benefit from Crashtest Security?

  • Meeting regulations of financial authorities in Germany by OWASP Top 10 coverage for every release
  • Seamlessly integrating vulnerability scanning into a modern, microservice-based architecture
  • Robust and resilient results
  • Plug-and-play implementation of the scanner

OWASP Top 10 coverage for each release provides an important contribution to compliance with the relevant regulations of the financial authorities in Germany. Also, the expectations for the set-up were exceeded by Crashtest Security. The professional and reputable appearance was just the icing on the cake for us.

Thomas Matthis

CISO at Netfonds AG

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Get Regular Scan Reports

Keep your finger on your security posture’s pulse and receive regular reports of all your scans.

  • Get reporting with remediation advice Receive comprehensive reports in PDF, JSON, and CSV. And of course, share with everyone you need.
  • Different risk levels For each vulnerability we specify levels for the risk, impact, and probably per each vulnerability. Prioritize what is urgent.
  • Set DAST in the frequency and duration you need Choose among CI/CD Automated Scans, scheduled scans, or with a push of a button.
  • Get notified in your favorite chat tool You’ll have the report in your email box, but you can also integrate the reporting in your Slack, Mattermost, Hangouts, Rocket Chat, Microsoft Teams. Read more here

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Achieve Compliance In Essential Standards

Allowing you to meet the requirements of leading international standards including:

  • GDPR Protect European customers’ data by using the Crashtest Security Suite and achieving GDPR compliance.
  • HIPAA Handle your patients’ data right and act upon this standard, which applies to healthcare organizations.
  • ISO27001 Act according to ISO27001 and protect yourself against external and internal threats.