Crashtest Security for Every CISO & CTO

Crashtest Security supports CISOs & CTOs in establishing a robust security baseline across all web assets.

  • Test all web-facing assets continuously and at scale
  • Comply with cybersecurity laws and industry standards
  • Share vulnerability status reports and remediation advice
  • Set security standards and proactively deal with new and emerging threats
  • Maintain security posture between manual penetration tests


Shift security left

The CISO’s challenge these days: Maintaining a solid security posture in an IT environment with shorter release cycles and more web-based projects – often with a stretched budget.

  • Constant Transparency – Enjoy our real-time reporting on all web application deployments – top line or in-depth.
  • Less Exposure – With security checks integrated into every release and test before deploying, vulnerabilities are discovered at the earliest possible time, resulting in a lower exposure – at the same speed as features are developed.
  • Lower Expenses – By adding in automated vulnerability scanning, you can increase the intervals for manual pentesting. This increases the productivity of a manual test as there are more focused areas to look at. On average, our clients see a 40% savings in their manual testing budget.

Success Stories

Vulnerability scanner with most advanced crawling options

DAST makes compliance easier

Since safety is a legal requirement in the financial services industry, we wanted a partner we can trust, and Crashtest has gained it very fast. They took the time to get to know us as well as our use case and helped us through the whole process.

Thomas Matthis, CISO at Netfonds

Fast integration and simple usability

I remember setting up my first project in two minutes and starting the scan within two minutes.

Hassan Moradi, Penetration Test Team Lead, TÜV SÜD


Get regular scan reports

Keep your finger on your security posture’s pulse and receive regular reports of all your scans.

Get reporting with remediation advice

Receive comprehensive reports in PDF, JSON, and CSV.

Different risk levels

For each vulnerability, we specify levels for the risk, impact, and probably per each vulnerability. Prioritize what is urgent.

Set DAST in the frequency and duration you need

Choose among CI/CD Automated Scans, scheduled scans, or with a push of a button.

Get notified in your favorite chat tool

You’ll have the report in your email box. Still, you can also integrate the reporting in your Slack, Mattermost, Hangouts, Rocket Chat, Microsoft Teams.


Dev toolchain integration

Crashtest Security seamlessly fits your development toolchain, allowing you to integrate vulnerability scanning directly into your CI/CD pipeline.

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Continuous Security


Continuous security for modern web apps and dev teams

Nowadays, around 65% of software projects use agile development. Read how to implement Continuous Security into your agile development (currently only available in German).



Achieve Compliance

Allowing you to meet the requirements of leading international standards, including

  • GDPR – Protect European customers’ data by using the Crashtest Security Suite and ensure you are GDPR compliant.
  • HIPAA – Prevent vulnerabilities exposing access to patient data.
  • ISO27001 – Embed continuous security into your development process.