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In this case study:

»We wanted a plug and play solution that enables continuous testing throughout the development process. Especially for me, it was important that the developers quickly implement the tool and, in return, deliver resilient results that can be trusted.«

Nis Carstensen, CTO & Head of Development at Netfonds

What Netfonds AG was seeking

The company wanted a tool that was easy to implement to scan web applications and APIs for the most common vulnerabilities in an automated way, freeing up developers‘ time to spend on other tasks.

+ Agile and modern development setup
+ Compliance with regulations, laws, and directives
+ Each release must be tested and documented for the OWASP Top 10
+ Resilient and reproducible results
+ Lower workload and time-saving for developers + Automated/software-based approach
+ Ability to cope with high release frequency
+ Trustworthy and good support
+ Easy-to-use plug-and-play solution
+ Continuous testing throughout the development process

Compliance with Crashtest Security

With Crashtest Security, Netfonds found a tool that is the perfect fit for their requirements, not only on the technical side but also from a business perspective. Throughout the proof of concept phase and implementation, Crashtest Security‘s responsible and attentive support has given Netfonds the security they needed. Further, it was essential to Netfonds to have a trusted, local partner that keeps up to date with current trends in Cyber Security and communicates at eye level.

Since safety is a legal requirement in the financial services industry, we wanted a partner we can trust, and Crashtest has gained it very fast. They took the time to get to know us as well as our use case and helped us through the whole process.

Thomas Matthis, CISO at Netfonds

Netfonds found these benefits

+ OWASP Top 10 coverage for every release meeting regulations of financial authorities in Germany
+ Seamless integration into modern, microservice-based architecture
+ Robust and resilient results
+ Plug-and-play implementation of the software

»OWASP Top 10 Coverage for each release provides an important contribution to compliance with the relevant regulations of the financial authorities in Germany. Also, the expectations for the setup were exceeded by Crashtest Security. The professional and reputable appearance was just the icing on the cake for us.«

Thomas Matthis, CISO at Netfonds

»The scans were super fast, and some bugs were fixed with the help of Crashtest Security and without any extra effort on our part. This allowed our developers to focus on „the important stuff,” which meant that the program was launched quickly and our projects were also completed faster.«
– Nis Carstensen, CTO & Head of Development at Netfonds

About Netfonds AG

The Netfonds Group is a leading platform for administration, consulting, and regulation for the German financial industry. Under the finfire brand, the company provides its customers and partners with a cloud-based technology platform for the complete processing and administration of business transactions.

Netfonds customers thus benefit from one of the most modern software solutions on the market, which significantly simplifies the advisory process, makes it more secure, and enables target group-specific advice. The shares of Netfonds AG are listed on them: access to the Munich Stock Exchange and are tradable via XETRA.

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