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Ottonova Success Story

How Ottonova uses Crashtest Security to achieve continuous security
“For us, the automation of the scan start and the automated retrieval of scan results via the API were particularly important.”

As a fast-growing startup and private insurance provider, Ottonova has to oblige the highest customer expectations and requirements. A top priority of the Board is the protection of sensitive customer data. However, Ottonova also wants to focus on continuous improvement of their offered services and the implementation of required features from the IT team. To unite the two aspects, Ottonova started a DevSecOps initiative. Crashtest Security is happy to collaborate with another leading-edge startup from Munich on advancing cybersecurity at the speed of DevOps.

Continious Security

The Crashtest Security Suite added a layer of security to each release with automated scans triggered prior to deployment. Integration into the CI / CD toolchain means the development team get notifications of any vulnerabilities as soon as we find them, leading to quick fixes and a seamless process.

The easy setup, the scanning of future-oriented technologies such as JavaScript and API targets, as well as the easy integration into our existing CI/CD pipelines and internal development processes were the main arguments for Ottonova.

Andreas Katzig


Protecting Customers

The machine-readable report formats and the integration into vulnerability management systems such as DefectDojo were an immense advantage.

Andreas Katzig


Any business which deals with sensitive customer data needs to ensure all steps are taken to protect their site and their customers. Through constant and automated pentesting we are helping Ottonova to take every possible precaution. Any vulnerabilities are found and dealt with before ever reaching a customer.

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