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Flixbus Success Story

How Flixbus uses Crashtest Security to achieve continuous security
“Crashtest Security made it possible to have faster implementation cycles.”

In the following video, Tobias Hadem (Director for IT Infrastructure and Operations of Flixbus) shares his experience about:

  • His first impression of the Crashtest Security Suite
  • How the lightweight and easy-to-use software made integration a breeze
  • The business impact of continuous pentesting

Focused on the important information

One of the key features of the Crashtest Security Suite is the focus on relevant information.

The user interface makes it easy to identify key findings, where exactly the vulnerability was found, and most importantly – how to fix it with specific guidelines. You also have the option to mark findings (e.g false positives) to be ignored for future scans.

Simple and intuitive.

It’s really light-weight. It’s not too cluttered. The UI really offers what is there. I like it.

Tobias Hadem

Director for IT Infrastructure and Operations of Flixbus

Stay away from the reactive side, join the proactive forces

We not have the option to stop a deployment as soom as a vulnerability is found and do something before a customer gets a hold of that service

Tobias Hadem

Director for IT Infrastructure and Operations of Flixbus

Crashtest Security enables Flixbus to test every release – fully integrated in their CI/CD toolchain. Rather then deploying code with an uncertain security state, Flixbus now gets alerts for detected vulnerabilities before going live.

Automated and over night.

Results within minutes

The easy setup and intuitive UI got Flixbus started in a matter of minutes.

Simply register, set up your project, and see how our scanners produce the first results in real-time.

Next, define your time-based scan intervals or your CI/CD integration – and you are all set for continuous testing.

Ready, set, pentest!

If you want to call it an implementation “process, fine.

Tobias Hadem

Director for IT Infrastructure and Operations of Flixbus

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