Crashtest Security  for Startup

An Offer No SaaS Early-Stage Startup Can Refuse

  • Scan for vulnerability before every release and save up to 40% on manual pentest
  • Protect your web app, API, and your customers’ data from the get-go
  • Get ISO or other certificates easily by implementing continuous security

Effortless Vulnerability Scanning

for your web applications

      • Starting a new business in SaaS or with a digital product is tough. There are so many things to do at first and so little time and resources. So, one cuts a corner or two. And when you are cash strapped and time is of the essence, you sacrifice. You move fast, and you break things, and then you fix them.
        Oh, do we know this story well! Crashtest Security was like that not so long ago. But then, our mission is to expose the vulnerabilities that can bring SaaS and digital product companies tons of headaches. And by proxy, safeguard your customers’ data.

Hence we created something for everyone getting started on building the next unicorn.



Eliminate Your Security Blind Spots

Scan all of your web applications – JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5, Multi-Page and Single-Page Applications, and APIs.

Focus On Great Output

Automated vulnerability scanning allows you to save time and focus on your work, delivering you information on your web application or API security risks that need fixing before pushing to Production.

Enhance Scanning Confidence

Implement a vulnerability scanner in your build that you can trust – very low false positives and negatives. Get accurate reports with remediation advice.

Fast Security Assessment

Add immediate value to your team’s web app scans benchmarking against OWASP Top 10 and secure your security hygiene.

Reduce The Risk Of Being Hacked

Spot security risk before hackers do. Prevent modern attacks and save big on possible exploited security issues.

Vulnerability Reports For Everyone

Download useful scan reports in PDF, XML, and CSV and easily share them with team members, executives, and clients.

What We Offer to You

We want you to be successful, and we firmly believe that continuous security is one of the ingredients of any digital product success. So, here is our offer to any SaaS early-stage startup:

  • First-yearWith 50 % off on our Professional Package you pay only 534 EUR per Year and you can scan as often and as many targets as you like!
  • Second-year With 25 % off on our Professional Package you pay only 801 EUR per Year and you can scan as often and as many targets as you like!

pro image 1a Startup Package - Affordable Vulnerability Scanning

How Do You Qualify?

Your startup must be no more than 2 years old (we look at the year of incorporation, so be ready to provide proof.)

This is it. Nothing more. Zilch, zero, nada.

All you need to do is fill in the application form, and we take it from there.