Automated pentesting for SaaS

Embed automated blackbox pentesting into your software development life cycle (SDLC).

  • Shift security left
  • 20+ integrations for your dev toolchain
  • Very low false-positives
  • Fast setup and effortless testing


Integrated security for SaaS

SaaS and IT businesses experience high release frequency. This agile development approach and constant product iterations are highly prone to security risks and exposure.

  • Continuous testing – Continuous delivery requires continuous security. Schedule scan on a regular basis or start a scan with a click of a button.
  • Time-saving – Automate vulnerability detection and save time and budget on manual pentesting.
  • Shift security left – Embed automated penetration testing into your development process and establish a security baseline.
  • Simplified and standardized reporting – Our machine-readable exports give you easily comprehensible vulnerability reports.
  • GDPR compliance – Ensure state-of-the-art PII-related vulnerability testing for every release.


Integrations for your build

Find your tool in the 20+ integrations with Crashtest Security offers – build pipelines, ticketing systems, chat notifications, or vulnerability management tools.

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Vulnerability Reports for SaaS

Scan target security posture

Displaying all scans ran, and vulnerabilities detected, their threat level, and where exactly they appear.

Remediation tips

Directly in our software so you don’t have to spend time looking for how to fix security loopholes.

Various report formats

Directly in our software so you don’t have to spend time looking for how to fix security loopholes.


Vulnerability scanner with most advanced crawling options

Easy Setup

The easy setup, the scanning of future-oriented technologies such as JavaScript and API targets, as well as the easy integration into our existing CI/CD pipelines and internal development processes were the main arguments for ottonova.

Andreas Katzig, CTO at ottonova

Full Automation

We were looking for a tool to fill our needs, such as the full automation of security detection processes. Crashtest Security meets those expectations thanks to the easy integration into our CI/CD Pipeline.

Stefan Kamphausen, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Acrolinx

Fast integration and simple usability

I remember setting up my first project in two minutes and starting the scan within two minutes.

Hassan Moradi, Penetration Test Team Lead, TÜV SÜD

Higher Security Baseline

Crashtest Security allows us to make security scans easily accessible for development teams to establish a higher security baseline.

Said Moftakhar, IT Security & Privacy

DATEV Case Study

Case Study

Establishing higher security baseline

Learn how DATEV employed Crashtest Security’s automated pentesting tool to increase their products’ security posture.