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Responsible Disclosure

Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure Program: No technology is perfect. As a security company, we take the security of our products and services seriously. We believe that working together with other skilled security researchers across the globe is crucial to offer secure solutions. We appreciate the work of the white hat community in responsibly reporting any vulnerabilities.
Contact Information: If you happen to find a vulnerability in our software please contact us immediately as part of this responsible disclosure program. Just send us an e-mail to security@crashtest-security.com
Required Information: If possible/applicable include the following information:
  • Affected Product(s)/versions/URLs
  • System Details (Operating System, etc.)
  • Technical Description and Reproduction Steps
  • Other Parties/Products Involved
  • Disclosure Plans/Dates
Hall of Fame: We thank all security researchers that support our security efforts as part of our responsible disclosure program: