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Automated Testing

Why use automated scans

With the fast spread of cloud computing and the advancements in browser technology, web applications have become a central component of business processes and thus a lucrative target for hackers. Web application security is no longer just a priority, but a basic requirement. Being hacked means losing customer data, company secrets and trust, so act now and test your applications automatically.


How the scanners works

  • Create your free account (no credit card required)
  • Setup your first project within two minutes
  • Start your scan with one click
  • Review and fix (use our knowledge base for support)
  • Repeat (Steps 2-4 weekly for maximum protection)

Your benefits

  • Drastically reduced the risk of being hacked
  • Win more customers through having your application secured
  • Materialize digital value creation via automated scanning
  • Integrate vulnerability tests into your agile development
  • Access to exclusive security training and remidiation advice
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Our highest priority is the protection of your confidential customer and business data. We support you in the development of continuously secure web applications