Dynamic Application Security Testing 2.0

Scale security with a vulnerability assessment tool that covers complex architectures and growing web app portfolios.

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Most advanced crawling options

Our software is able to directly detect attack vectors in all web applications:

  • Market Leading Single-Page application scanning: We only need the project domain to scan Angular, React, Vue, and other JS-based applications
  • Painless Multi-Page application setup The standard for web application security scanning – radically simplified
  • Documentation-based API scanning Unlimited possibilities for the modern app communication standard. This opens up scans of all mobile applications for iOS, Android, and all API-based IoT use cases.

Fastest setup on the market

We make it really easy for you to get started:

  • Our software combines enterprise grade vulnerability scans with a user-friendly interface.  Simple set ups can be done in a couple of minutes and we provide clear steps to setting up automation and integrations.
  • Worried about set up issues? Our excellent support team of security consultants are on hand to help you setup, verify and make sense of your scans.

”I remember setting up my first project and starting the scan within two minutes.”
TÜV SÜD’s Penetration Test Team Leader

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Intuitive interface

Vulnerability testing doesn’t need to be complex.

  • We strive to make our tool as easy as possible to use
  • We only ask for information if it is needed
  • Every view is designed to focus on the relevant information you are looking for.

”It’s really light-weight. It’s not too cluttered. The UI really offers what is there. I like it.”
Director for IT Infrastructure and Operations of Flixbus

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We integrate in your environment

Our software fits seamlessly with your development toolchain allowing you to integrate vulnerability scanning directly into your development process.

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Secure your software like Flixbus

Crashtest Security enables Flixbus to test every release – fully integrated into their CI/CD toolchain. Rather than deploying code with an uncertain security state, Flixbus now gets alerts for detected vulnerabilities before going live. You can do this too!

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