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Efficiency increase

  • More efficient development processes
  • Seamless integration into development environment
  • Empower your developers

Risk reduction

  • Prevent the loss of private and customer data
  • Secure your software all year around
  • Don't get hacked

Cost reduction

  • Save 400€+ per developer per month
  • Avoid data security claims
  • Benefit from on demand scans

Product Sheet

Crashtest Security Suite

The Crashtest Security Suite is a fully automated black-box pen testing tool, which checks web applications for the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. The solution is unique in its way, as it integrates seamlessly into agile development workflows (providing usable security to developers) and allows the real-time detection of vulnerabilities due to automated security scanning on the test system after every deployment. The easily understandable reporting, scoring after the CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) and link to a developer focused knowledge base allows software developers and managers the quick prioritization and efficient remediation of detected vulnerabilities. The Crashtest Security Suite allows companies to continuously create secure software and protect valuable customer and business data. 

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Real time detection

Automated pentests run after every deployment to your build system, so you can detect critical vulnerabilities in real time.

Embedded in CI/CD cycle

Protect your software from start to finish of your agile development process. We offer security by design.

Knowledge base

Need support for the efficient remidiation of the detected vulnerabilities? Go check our our knowledge base.

Data protection

Our solution helps you secure your confidential customer and company data, accoding to German and European data protection laws.


Secure your web application against cyber criminals and detect vulnerabilities at the earliest possible development stage.

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