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This page gives a technical explanation of our features, as well as the pricing package alignment.
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General Features Starter Advanced Professional Enterprise
Team Members
Number of team members that can be part of the team.
1 3 10 Custom
OWASP Top 10 Vulnerability Scanning
Scans for the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. A complete list of our scanners is available here.
Access to security wiki
Links to our security wiki in the user interface and the report. Includes general descriptions, code snippets for fixing, and videos.
Regular Updates
We provide regular updates and new features to our scanners and the user interface.
Automated Domain Verification
Verify scan targets for invasive scanning through placing a file on your system or a specific API-response for a GET-statement.
Scans per month
The number of scans that can be started per month per project.
4 Flat-Rate Flat-Rate Flat-Rate
User Rights Management
Assign specific roles and rights to users.
Easy Domain Verification
Verify scan targets for invasive scanning through our support.
Speed up Scanning
Enables adjusting the scan requests per second.
Single Tenant & On-Premise Hosting
Single tenant hosting in our cloud, as well as on-premise or virtual private cloud hosting.
Report and Software Whitelabeling
Customizes the look and feel of our software and report.
Scan Targets Starter Advanced Professional Enterprise
Multi Page Web Applications
An application, which consists of multiple individual pages. This is typically the case, if you have a HTML, JSP, etc. per page displayed in your browser.
Deep Scan – Automated JavaScript Scanning
An application, which is based on JavaScript. This is typically the case, if the application is based on or uses frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, jQuery or similar.
REST API Scanning
An application programming interface (API), which is documented in a Swagger / OpenAPI version 2 file. Usually the documentation is stored in a swagger.json file, which can be imported by the scanner.
Authentication Starter Advanced Professional Enterprise
Application Login with Credentials
Log in to your application via BasicAuth or with user credentials (user/password).
Advanced Application Login
Log in to your application by defining keys and values for Cookies, HTTP Headers, or GET parameters.
Advanced Authentication Methods
Advanced Authentication Methods, such as Smartcard or Single-Sign-On (SSO) solutions or other methods to authenticate users.
Scheduling / Automation Starter Advanced Professional Enterprise
Scheduled Scanning
Create a scan schedule for your project to start scans on a daily or weekly basis.
Standard API Access
Use our API to start and stop scans, as well as receiving the scan status and reports.
CI/CD Tool Integration
Enables our webhook functionality, which can be generated for each project.
Parallel Scanning
Allows the user to run multiple scans at the same time in one account for different projects.
1 2 5 Custom
Advanced API Access
Get all functionality of our API, which includes setting up and deleting projects, retrieving scan results and status, and starting / stopping scans.
Custom Integrations
We can support the customer in writing their own integrations for self-developed tools that require specific forms of reports or interactions.
Reporting and Notifications Starter Advanced Professional Enterprise
Standard notifications
The user can be notified about the scan status and results via e-mail or chat tools (e.g. Slack, Microsoft Teams, …).
Detailed PDF Reporting
Get our detailed pdf reporting with a high-level scan summary, detailed scan findings, general and specific descriptions of the found attack vectors, and remediation support.
Machine-readable reports
Get our machine-readable reports in CSV, JSON, or XML format.
Support and Billing Starter Advanced Professional Enterprise
Customer Success
Get recommendations on how to get the most out of our software.

Pay by Invoice
Allows to pay per invoice for all annual contracts.
Support within 48 hours
We guarantee a support response within 2 business days after receiving the request (Saturday and Sunday do not count).
Support & Workshops for your Agile Security Strategy
We provide additional support and coaching via workshops or during events.
Custom SLAs
Define your needed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to always have the right support for your security needs.

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