The Crashtest Security Suite allows for easy integration with Mattermost.

Enter a Mattermost webhook in your project settings to notify you every time a scan has finished. More information on the creation of Mattermost webhooks can be found here.

Mattermost Crashtest Security Integration

Please let us know if you have additional feature requests for Mattermost notifications (i.e., frequency or content settings) by emailing us.

Integrations overview

Mattermost offers many different ways to integrate third-party applications into your Mattermost installation. These include built-in features like Slash Commands and custom integrations such as Chatbots, Webhooks, and APIs. 

A wide range of open source integrations exist, and we encourage developers to contribute to the project. You can find out how to start contributing here. For self-hosted installations, it’s possible to run integrations on the same machine where Mattermost runs. This allows you to keep everything running together without needing extra servers. You can consider setting up a dedicated server for integrations if you want to scale beyond one server.

Integrate & Extend Mattermost

Mattermost is built on open standards and provides powerful tools that allow anyone to integrate it into their existing infrastructure. You can use it as a standalone app or connect to it to extend its functionality. This guide covers developing apps, plugins, and extensions for Mattermost.