You can connect your CodeShip pipeline to start a Crashtest Security scan and optionally retrieve the scan results as a JUnit XML file.

The Crashtest Security setup works for a CodeShip Basic pipeline.

What is CodeShip? 

CodeShip is a SaaS solution that empowers engineering organizations to build and deploy software faster, better, and cheaper. With CodeShip, you can focus on building great products while we handle the heavy lifting of continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD). You don’t need to worry about infrastructure, scaling, or managing servers – we do it all for you. We’re here to help you deliver exceptional experiences to your customers.

Integrates with Everything

CloudBees CodeShip integrates with every major CI/CD tool out there today — Jenkins, TravisCI, CircleCI, AppVeyor, Azure Pipelines, Bamboo, AWS CodeBuild, GitHub Actions, Bitbucket Pipeline, GitLab Runner, Codeship, Drone, GitLab CE, GoCD, JFrog Artifactory, Maven Central, Nexus, Octopus Deploy, Packagist, Pivotal Tracker, Pull Request Builder, Red Hat OpenShift, SonarQube, Slack, SourceTree, Sublime Text, TeamCity, TFS, VSTS, Visual Studio Online, Xcode, and many others.

CodeShip works with any language, framework, platform, or deployment model. You don’t have to write any code to use it; just configure your build pipeline and start building. And because CodeShip is open source, you can customize it however you want.

What is CloudBees CodeShip Pro

CodeShip Pro is a cloud-based continuous integration and delivery solution that helps developers build software faster and deploy changes to production more quickly. This article provides information about what makes CodeShip Pro unique and why you might want to consider switching to it.

The main difference between CodeShip Pro and traditional solutions like Jenkins and TeamCity is that CodeShip Pro runs in containers. In addition, CodeShip Pro offers seamless integration with popular open-source tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, GitLab, and GitHub. It also includes features like intelligent notifications and project dashboards.