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Find Your Solution

...the project of web application security will never be truly finished!

Many companies face the decision on a vulnerability assessment tool that suits their company, but don't know where to begin. Here's a guick guide on how to implement the solution that fits your needs!

Define the problem

Firstly, find out what needs to be done, to entirely secure your web application or API. Then, have a look at you current security status to work out a list of issues, that your new tool should solve.

Find your solution

Time to find your security scanner! The following questions will help you decide on one solution out of your pool of possibilities: How often are you planning to scan your application? How many projects do you have? How many developers are in your team? Do you want to do invasive or non-invasive scans? Do you need a tailored solution? Do you want to automate your web application security? Examine, what tool covers the most issues.

Get into the tool

Try out the tool's features as much as you can! Really get to know the application and see if you made the right decision. In the best case you have the possibilitiy of free trial, to see if it really suits your company.

Carry out the work

After the initial implementation it is time to create an action plan for what everybody needs to do once the tool is in place. Who will remediate what kind of vulnerabilities and who will be a key user to guides other developers?

Monitor the outcome

The project is not finished yet! Your project leader or key user should monitor how well the new tool helps your developers and security status. Integrated dashboard or e-mail reports might help your development team to see improvements.

For a more detailed version of this guide, check out our Blog!


You haven't thought about your vulnerability assessment at all?! Do a Quick Scan of your website to start off!

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