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Our Dynamic Application Security Testing, also known as “black-box testing,” allows you to prevent vulnerabilities and detect critical cyber security issues you could be exposed to in an easy, viable, and rapid way.

  • Detect Owasp Top ten Web Application Security Risks and many more.
  • Get comprehensive reports, assess risk levels, and exclusive access to our wiki
  • Run continuously automated DAST Tool Scans
  • Get access to technical professionals to support your scanners and questions

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What is Dynamic Application Security Testing?

The new software Crashtest-Security Suite has been created to save your time as a developer and maintain your web applications’ security. At the same time, you can focus on what’s important – developing great apps.

The DAST Tool sends different realistic attacks as simulations to identify constantly the vulnerabilities in your web app, your API, and your code. In addition, DAST tools are platform-independent and can test applications independent of their hardware, design, internal architecture, or programming language.

Automated DAST scans HTML-based web apps and JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5, Multi-Page and Single-Page Applications, Microservices, and APIs.

Dynamic Aplication Security Testing lets you:

  • Be sure that you are proactively protecting your and your customer’s data (Check our Security Certification)
  • Highly reduce the risk of being hacked, detect Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection attacks, CSRF attacks, and every OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.
  • Great integrations. DAST scans can be triggered automatically via webhook within your CI/CD pipeline – more than 20 integrations to systems and tools.
  • And yes, you can try the DAST Full Scan version for free for the first 14 days with all functions included. No credit card is required.


Crashtest Security OWASP Top 10 Dark DAST Scanner

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Get DAST Scan Reports

Set up and start DAST scanning in less than 2 minutes.

  • Check the fastest setup on the market. Download and share comprehensive reports in PDF, JSON, and CSV. And of course, share with everyone you need.
  • Different risk levels We specify levels for the risk, impact, and probably per each vulnerability. Prioritize what is urgent.
  • DAST Scanning frequently and duration options. Choose among CI/CD Automated Scans, scheduled scans, or manual scanning. Set up as per your needs.
  • Get notified in your favorite chat tool. You’ll have the report in your email box, but you can also integrate the reporting in your Slack, Mattermost, Hangouts, Rocket Chat, Microsoft Teams. Check more here

Integrate DAST into your dev process

  • CI/CD Pipeline Integrate your DevOps process with Circle CI, Jenkins, Team City, Bamboo, Travis CI, Buildbot, GoCD, Codeship, Buildkite, or Buddy
  • Vulnerability Management Solutions Integrate with vulnerability management solutions, such as DefectDojo or Faraday
  • Versioning System  You can easily use Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, SourceForge, Gogs, Launchpad, or Phabricator with our DAST tool
  • Ticketing Systems  Manage your remediation in the same place as all your other tickets via Jira, Asana or DefectRojo


int image 2 DAST Scanner

The crashtest security certificate

Why run a DAST testing tool?

  • Gain Access to an exclusive wiki where you’ll find all the possible types of vulnerabilities, with explanations on how to fix them and, above all, how to prevent them.
  • Excellent support team, one of our strengths as a company. Our experts will help you protect yourself and avoid any vulnerability you may have.

When you run Dynamic Application Security Testing, you are closer to preventing these dangerous attacks that permit hackers to acquire customers’ data such as passwords, credit cards, email information, etc.


Businesses with the Crashtest Security Certificate demonstrate to their customers that they are proactively protecting them and their data with regular state-of-the-art security scanning.

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