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Here is a guide on security best practices that every business can apply to give you a few hints and incentives on how to enhance your IT security.


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Nowadays, around 65% of software projects use agile development. Read how you can implement Continuous Security into your agile development (currently only available in German).


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Digitization is a big topic for companies. We look at the biggest problems of SMUs and how they can overcome them (only available in German).



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Agile projects are 28% more likely to be successful. This whitepaper explores the tests, challenges, and opportunities for QA in an agile development environment.


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7.5% of companies have at least one critical vulnerability. This is just one of the results of our study among 5,000 German companies (only available in German).


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See how the Crashtest Security Vulnerability Scan Report looks like. This is the one you can download and share with your team once your scan is completed. 


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The Business Case for DevSecOps

Our case study examines how a large financial organization saved over 40% on its manual pentesting budget whilst increasing its overall security baseline.

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