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Massive Bio

In this case study:

»With Crashtest’s Cloud Security solution, we successfully have our platforms analyzed for any security issues. The solution is a robust, turn-key solution that our engineering team leverage.« 

Cagatay Culcuoglu , CTO at and co-founder of Massive Bio

Challenges Faced by Massive Bio

In treating patients, new generation treatment methods and clinical studies have come to the fore, preventing cancer, early diagnosis, prolonging life expectancy, and improving quality of life. There are hundreds of clinical trials for different types of cancer worldwide. The most crucial problem here is that the studies can’t reach the right people, or the patients can’t choose the most appropriate treatment method. Massive Bio, the only one in the world with the artificial intelligence infrastructure it uses and saves patients from dealing with this situation, is therefore positioned at a critical point.

When cancer patients enter their information into the system, Massive Bio‘s artificial intelligence algorithms match patients‘ data with the most appropriate treatment method and the closest clinical research center. This enables patients to access clinical studies anywhere in the world, regardless of their location and/or financial situation.

Of course, the essential point to be considered here is the collection of patient data in the most appropriate way according to the law. In particular, the company has teamed up with Crashtest Security to scan web apps and APIs to achieve HIPAA compliance. As part of the collaboration, Massive Bio had the opportunity to show its patients that their data is as safe as their health in terms of technical and cyber security.

The company wanted a tool that was easy to implement to scan web applications and APIs to reach compliance, especially with HIPAA. 

+ Needed a tool for continuous security testing that could test in the development pipeline
+ Starting with their proactive approach in the area of cyber security testing 
+ Show customers that they care as much about their data as they do about their health
+ Use the scanner to be HIPAA compliant 

Massive Bio Found These Benefits

Offering a company-specific solution, Crashtest Security will provide:

+ an easy-to-implement interface 
+ continuous security through automation 
+ detailed scan reports with information on HIPAA and SOC2 compliance 
+ vulnerabilities found and mitigation recommendations 
+ and data-based customer communication services.

»The collection of patient data and the safe storage of this are paramount to us.« 

Cagatay Culcuoglu , CTO at and co-founder of Massive Bio

Why Crashtest Security?

With Crashtest Security, Massive Bio, the only institution in the world in the field of biotechnology with the artificial intelligence technology it has developed, has agreed on HIPAA compliance found. It is a tool that is the perfect fit for their requirements, not only on the technical side but also from a business perspective. 

Ultimately, Crashtest Security has outdone the competition with its easy-to-implement solution for continuous security. They made testing the applications very simple. Since the UI and the reporting were significant drivers for the decision, it doesn’t come as a surprise that their decision fell upon the Crashtest Security Suite with its scanning reports and solid results. The tool also helps Massive Bio reach HIPAA and SOC2 compliance in the American market. This kind of automation in cyber security testing also builds trust for clients.

About Massive Bio

Massive Bio‘s mission is to provide access to clinical trials for every cancer patient, regardless of their location or financial stability, using technology on a global scale. With unique tech-enabled services and a big data platform that addresses all friction points in clinical trial enrollment, it’s the only company in the market that simultaneously provides patient identification, pre-screening, and concierge enrollment enablement while focusing on oncology and highly innovative data, technology, and services in a wholly broken clinical trial enrollment value chain. Massive Bio is consistently a market innovator with its 100K Singularity initiative, Oncology clinical trial command center, and Amber Specialty partnership or being the vendor of choice of NCI. 

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