In this case study:

Company Information 

  • Company: Sports Lottery 
  • Founded: 1970
  • Location: London, UK
  • Company Size: 200
  • Branch: Gambling

Company Description 

This is an anonymous case study, so the names and dates have been changed accordingly.

What problems needed to be solved? / Use Case 

Previously, web application tests were outsourced to a third-party vendor and performed annually, which is costly. Due to the current threat landscape and risk profile, the business decided to increase its testing scope with more online commerce. An automated scanner like Crashtest offers better cost-effectiveness compared to outsourcing and the flexibility of automated testing allows for continuous testing during the development lifecycle and beyond, post-release.

  • Higher cost-effectiveness 
  • Cybersecurity risk reduction 
  • Continuous testing implementation 

We were looking for a solution to free us from ineffective outsourcing. With the Crashtest Security Suite, we found an appropriate tool for our needs.’

Michael Harris, IT Security & Compliance Manager

Why Crashtest Security 

Many reasons why Crashtest was adopted. The business was looking for an automated tool that could tick a lot of different boxes:

  • The tool was cloud-based, so the business didn’t need to stand up new infrastructure and technology to be able to deploy the testing.
  • Crashtest allowed continuous security testing without incurring additional charges for retests.
  • We could integrate the Crashtest Security Suite within automated DevOps processes.
  • Crashtest Security would enable better compliance with ISO27001 and PCI DSS requirements.
  • Tests complete in a matter of hours, with the reports accessible immediately.
  • Offered a greater cost saving when compared to the current third-party service that was utilized.
  • Licenses are scalable. Should the business require ramping up its testing of other supported applications, these can easily be added to the testing schedule. 

‘Integrating the cloud-based Crashtest Security Suite in our DevOps process was critical. It’s great that you can register and start scanning immediately.’

Michael Harris, IT Security & Compliance Manager

Benefits for the Gaming Company

So how does the company benefit from the usage of Crashtest Security? 

The business has successfully set up a monthly testing schedule for its two main web applications and integrated Crashtests automated scanning within the nightly build process. We are seeing how quickly scans be set up and performed and how quickly the results are presented back. In addition, we will soon be starting a migration project that will require testing multiple APIs, and we will be able to use Crashtest for this rather than outsourcing. The Crashtest tool gives us total flexibility and control over our testing schedule rather than relying on the availability of a costly third party.

‘With Crashtest Security, we can scan whenever we want, and we’ve set automated scans nightly.’

Michael Harris, IT Security & Compliance Manager

If you want to know more about Crashtest Security, their automated vulnerability scanner, and how they can help you develop faster and safer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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