The Business Case for DevSecOps

Get insights and best practices on how you can get started on DevSecOps – and what results to expect.
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In this whitepaper:

We share the customer needs and real-life results of implementing the Crashtest Security Suite for one of our customers, a prominent German financial institution. As a result, they could save 40% on their manual pentesting budget and build a robust security baseline.


Software Unlimited is a software developer that focuses on the financial and consulting market. They realized the need to implement an agile security strategy after switching to agile development processes. The head of agile security strategy needed to find a way to embed security in the development process, handle more and smaller changes, and automate security tasks. Besides, he needed a quick win to show results to his managers.

By implementing Crashtest Security to scan every release of the software automatically, Software Unlimited achieved these goals and had additional benefits that made the agile security initiative a success. Software Unlimited saved more than 40% on their pentesting budget while increasing security test coverage. Moreover, developers were delighted by the quick feedback and provided remediation support

when vulnerabilities were found – before they were deployed to production. Due to Crashtest Security, Software Unlimited is now set up for scaling releases even further – without compromising security.

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