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Benefits for your company

Most companies still rely on manual pentesters or self-written tests to test the security of web applications or APIs.
This leaves vulnerabilites undiscovered for multiple releases, resulting in high exposure and unnecessary risk for your company.

After implementing the Crashtest Security Suite, your company realizes the following benefits:
  • Performance increase: Our customers see an increased output for their developers
  • Risk reduction: Our customers drastically decrease their exposure time of vulnerable web applications and APIs
  • Cost & time savings: Our customers save roughly 40% of their pentesting budget

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Benefits for you as a Developer

Developers typically are our fiercest advocates during initial conversations with interested companies. Their code-first mentality clashes with the manual and setup-intensive nature of pentesting on their way to agile security practices.

Embedding the Crashtest Security Suite in their CI/CD toolchain to test every release automatically creates the following benefits:
  • Time savings: Each developer saves around 100 hours per year due to reduced setup for each test and remediation help right in the report.
  • Drastically reduced costs to fix vulnerabilities: Instead of writing a security patch for code written six months ago, you now get notified about a vulnerability before the deployment: no more hot-fixing production environments.
  • Easy setup: We enable developers to test their application for the most common vulnerabilities within 5 minutes.

Benefits for you as a QA Tester

QA testers need more time to focus on the tricky cases that require much attention and manual effort. Therefore, as many tests as possible should be mandatory for developers - and ideally test all web applications completely automated.

After implementing the Crashtest Security Suite, QA testers realize the following benefits:
  • Automate where possible: Focus only on tests where manual work is needed.
  • Simplified and standardized reporting: Our machine-readable exports give you easily comprehensible vulnerability reports
  • GDPR compliance: Ensure state-of-the-art testing for every release

Benefits for you as a CISO

The CISO’s challenge these days: Being up-to-date about your companies security status in an IT with shorter release cycles and more web-based projects - with a decreasing budget.

We help CISO’s to convince the board of automated security scans with the following benefits:
  • Constant transparency about the current security status: Enjoy our real-time reporting on the latest web application deployment
  • Less exposure: With security checks integrated in every release and tests before deploying, vulnerabilities are discovered at the earliest possible time, resulting in a lower exposure - at the same speed as features are developed
  • Lower expenses: In addition to the benefits named above, the testing budget is reduced - on average by 40%
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