Crashtest Security

We are a team building a vulnerability scanner you can rely on


Where we started and how far we have come

It all started as a university course assignment back in 2017. René Milzarek and his teammates tried to find an automated vulnerability scanner to ensure their web app passed the good security posture test. None checked against a variety of attack vectors. And this is how the business idea came naturally.

Fast forward five years and Crashtest Security is one of the up-and-coming cybersecurity automation tools in the world. Our efforts are centered around constantly expanding our scanner features, ease of use, integration, and support, so our customers can be confident that security wholes are quickly discovered and taken care of.


Our Vision

Embed vulnerability scanning before every new release.

Our Mission

Provide modern development teams with an easy-to-use web application and API security testing tool.


The people behind Crashtest Security

René Milzarek

CTO & Co-Founder

Felix Brombacher

CEO & Co-founder

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Crashtest Security Tool Becomes Part of Veracode